About Unison Projects

Unison Projects provides people, teams and a comprehensive range of complementary services in

 We serve both the Public and Private sectors and understand the particular requirements and drivers of each.

Working in Unison

Our name reflects our recognition that the key factor in our results is getting all parties to ‘pull together’:

CONSULTING IN UNISON:  our approach is characterised by the highest possible involvement of our clients’ people. This includes their participation as internal consultants - we do it with the client - not to the client

PROJECTS IN UNISON: for all of the stakeholders in any project - including client, designers, contractor, sub-contractors, suppliers and approval bodies - we establish the common aim of getting the job done well and to time – the best possible outcome for all parties which reflects well on all involved.

Unison Projects is a private limited company, part of the UCL Group of companies which is owned by the founding directors.  The Company was established in 1998 by the current Main Board Directors and its main operating office is in London’s Docklands.

We also provide expert consulting in Asset Management, particularly Reliability Improvement Planning.

Unison Projects was a finalist for the British Small Business Champion award, a national competition for companies with a turnover of approximately £5 millions per year. The criteria include assessment of the company’s approach to staff and customer management, its rate of growth and the contribution made by the company within the community.

Small Business Champion


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Jo Faulkner, MD receiving the British Small Business Champion award to Unison Projects from Jonathan Davies, former Captain of Wales Rugby Union team.