Unison Projects Change Management Services

Business Vision and Strategy Formulation - Unison Projects will help you to

Putting people at the heart of change -  Our approach focuses on establishing a culture of excellence, operating effective processes, supported by suitable systems.  We work to create cultures which value the input of individuals at all levels. This focus sustains teams, releases new potential in the individual and maximises the benefits of the business performance improvement programme.
We help you to define your Organisation’s values, beliefs and principles and bring them to life in the everyday ways of working and in the ways in which your Organisation’s systems, processes and structures are developed and operated.

Programme Management and Programme Office Management - Leading edge techniques and programme management professionals to drive delivery, provide visibility of progress and ensure the most effective control and governance – ensuring that all activities are well-coordinated.  On programmes where we provide the programme management, we use PMP21© our own in-house project management approach or the client's preferred methodology, for example PRINCE2, to ensure success.

Process Redesign - undertaking a structured review of your business processes.  This will expose any wasted time, duplication, barriers to communication/joint working and lack of clarity. We can take the lead in redesigning your processes around the core, ensuring that your business processes align with and underpin the delivery of your organisation’s vision and strategy.

Organisation Design – defining the skills, roles and structure that support the business’s processes. We help you to develop the most appropriate transition strategy to take your people and organisation into the ‘new world’. Unison Projects is expert at designing and running assessment and development centres to identify and develop people with the best combination of knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes to deliver success.

Facilitation and Team-building – building strong teams and harnessing creativity in order to deliver results. Find out about Unison Facilitation.

Communication - creating the compelling messages that connect with staff and stakeholders, convincing them of the need to improve and change and fostering trust and credibility.  We support you in winning the confidence and commitment of your people, and developing their skills and capabilities - maintaining the momentum of change so that bold initiatives don’t flounder.

Stakeholder Management - facilitating the transition by identifying and managing stakeholders understanding, addressing resistance to change and encouraging commitment to new ways of working and the leaving of old ways behind.

Leadership and team development identifying and developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed by high performing leaders and teams. We provide successful, bespoke leadership training programmes and mentor and coach leaders from the front-line to the Boardroom.

Partnering - Unison Projects is unbeatable at getting diverse parties working together. We confront the issues that are acting as barriers and create a culture of mutual respect based on common goals and values. Our record includes overcoming even the most severe conflict to create partnerships that are recognised as being world-class.

Consultation and Outplacement - Unison Projects’ professionals ensure the success of staff consultation processes and can provide reassuring and positive support to people leaving an organisation.

Unison Projects – approach to Change Management
Unison Projects – Change Management track record