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Supporting the organisation and individual in achieving a successful and sustainable transition, enabling realisation of corporate goals

We can provide:

We help you to design and deliver rigorous programmes to get your organisation in the best possible shape.  Change programmes that

 “The difference with Unison Projects is that we take accountability for helping you through the change – we actually make it happen – and make it stick!” Jo Faulkner, MD, Unison Projects.

Business strategies that realise your vision

Unison Projects will help you to develop your strategies and plans to get your organisation in the best possible shape to deliver top class performance and achieve your business goals - with rigorous methods for monitoring and driving progress.
Change alone isn't enough – it's no good just 'shuffling deckchairs', disrupting the organisation and ending up with people looking back at what they've left behind and failing to embrace the new ways of working.
Unison Projects helps organisations and their people to make the transition and transform performance.

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