Unison Facilitation makes the difference

Imagine an event that works. An event that uses the most effective approach to optimise outcomes. Where negatives are converted into positives, with everyone playing their part. Where your objectives are met – or even exceeded.

Unison Projects will help you experience exactly this – and show you that it’s possible to have fun and enjoy yourself at the same time!

We’ll make you and your colleagues feel:

Stimulated and involved throughout, by a variety of tailored and novel approaches designed to explore the issues in a non-threatening manner

That all voices were heard, agreement and action was clear to all and - that everyone had a good time

That you look forward to the next session run by Unison Projects, knowing that it will be a productive and worthwhile use of your valuable time.

Unison Projects facilitates all types of events, including senior management team builds, strategic visioning, leadership and commercial partnering, project and change management workshops. Always striving to get more out of the session than just the solution, we create stimulating environments which inspire people to release a profusion of fresh ideas. Developing and structuring that creativity to deliver optimal results forms an essential part of all Unison’s Business Transformation and Programme Management services.

It’s an approach that’s different, invigorating and, more to the point, it is good for your business.

Once you’ve experienced our professional facilitation, you won’t want to go back.

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