Project Management Plan and Project Assessment

We use our own methodology, PMP21©, to ensure the success of all of our projects and programmes. This clear methodology ensures that the specific, essential elements of project management are considered and applied to every project.

It involves assessment of the key programme elements and development of a plan to ensure their successful integration and delivery. This yields the Project Assessment Report, which reviews the project status in terms of the requirements for success.

The Assessment Report gives:

•  the basis for the Project Management Plan;

•  a clear understanding of the status of programme critical success factors and objectives;

•  control and visibility across the programme and its components;

•  clarity and enhanced management of interdependencies; and

•  accurate and confident reporting to the Client.

ThePMP21 © Checklist ensures that the essential elements of project management are in place on the project to ensure the project's success. The Project Management Plan identifies who is responsible for putting each checklist item in place and by when this will be completed.

Whilst certain items on the Project Management Checklist may be excluded, this is explicit and only done where the item is clearly and demonstrably unnecessary. Ongoing compliance with the Project Management Plan is audited and monitored by Unison Projects' nominated director for the project concerned.

The PMP21 © approach benefits from ongoing enhancement, with the ongoing inclusion of ‘lessons learnt' revealed by our standard Project Reviews.

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