Project Management Services

Unison Projects provides distinctive, targeted project and commercial management services to strengthen project teams, including:

•  Project Management - Providing the full range of skills to develop your project to cost, time and quality – maximising your return.  We use our own in-house methodology PMP21© –  a unique approach that ensures that the fundamentals are in place and applied throughout the life of the project. Find out about PMP21© >

•  PMO - Programme Management Office – Driving delivery, managing risks, providing visibility of progress and ensuring the most effective governance and controls. Preparing and maintaining all project documentation (PIDs, plans and progress reporting, risk register, budgets and costs/benefits management, change control and quality assurance).

•  Design management - delivering the complete, coordinated design, precisely when required.

•  Planning – with a simple clarity that drives the delivery of the project and gives visibility and control of progress.

•  Re-programming - introducing clear, logical planning to re-establish and accelerate delivery.

•  Contract Management – establishing and applying commercial best practice to ensure optimal, cost-effective delivery.

•  Relationship management - forging positive working partnerships.  Realising the potential of both internal and external parties. Delivering tangible benefits at corporate and individual levels.

•  Delay culpability analysis - overcoming the difficulties in proving entitlement, using unique retrospective presentation techniques to substantiate clients' commercial claims.

•  Change Control - an effective process to identify change, evaluate impact and facilitate decision-making.

•  Value Management - a structured approach to analysising costs and benefits of all options to yield maximum projects and operations value.

•  Facilitation and team-building – helping you to get the best out of project teams, stakeholders and partnerships. Find out about Unison Facilitation.

Unison Projects applies pragmatic, disciplined approaches in undertaking these project functions.

Distinctively, we provide a high degree of support, guidance and supervision to our team.

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