Why choose Unison Projects?

Our versatility
We can provide:

Our Customer focus
We do it with our customers – not to our customers.
We involve and engage Client staff in delivering and embedding sustained improvement.
We transfer skills and help develop our Customers' people - establishing best practice and leaving you with enduring value.
We put the Customer first – being convinced that this is not just professional and ethical but also best for our business.

Our commitment
Being a medium-sized, dynamic practice means that you can be assured of our directors’ interest and commitment.
All of our assignments benefit from a high level of support, with a director being nominated to provide guidance to the team, provide a direct link with the customer and to ensure success and customer satisfaction.  

Our people focus
We apply competence based assessment in selecting our people
Many of our highly experienced consultants have ‘Big 4’ experience
Not just the best people – the right person or team for every task and every client

Our quality focus

We make involvement with Unison Projects a pleasure – for our own team and for our customers.
Unison Projects – Change Management track record